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GEOG 101 – Individual Assignment – Term Paper

The term paper should be more than 1,000 words but less than 1500 words.


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Your paper should have the following parts:

• Title Page (no page number) o You need to choose a short title based on the subject of your paper. Do not copy

the subject.

• Table of Content (with page numbers)

• Introduction

• Discussions o This is the main body of the paper. And it needs to be longer than the other parts.

• Conclusion

o Write one or two paragraphs.

• References (bibliography) o Make to follow APA. o Use at least 3 references.


Your paper’s referencing should adhere to the APA system. The APA system can be sourced using information available under ‘Course Materials’.

Subject Options You need to register your titles in a spreadsheet file before Week 10. Please find the file in Moodle. Here are the options:

• Why The US state of Texas endured unseasonably freezing temperatures in February 2021?

• Explain how deforestation affects global warming? • Due to global warming, we are losing historical data about the earth’s environment,

weather and life on the planet. Explain why and how that happens. • Explain how global warming can cause more Volcanic activities. • Choose one possible effect of global warming on the environment and explain how that


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