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Thoroughly discuss each subject using specific information for each question. Your grade will be determined by content, explanations and thoroughness.

Answer the following questions in essay form. Thoroughly discuss each subject using specific information for each question. Your grade will be determined by content, explanations and thoroughness.
1. At the end of the 18th Century there were two competing political philosophies that vied for dominance in the structure of the new government; Strict Construction and Loose Construction. Define each one of the philosophies using specific details and list at least two (2) prominent personalities associated with each one.
2. What were the causes of the American Civil War? Could the was have been avoided? If so, how and why. If not, how and why. Cite specific examples to prove your position.
3. Andrew Jackson rose to the status of National Hero in the early 19th century. What caused this? Do you think he was a genuine hero? If so, why? If not, why? Please use specific examples and descriptions in your answer.
4. During his presidency, George Washington dealt with a series of political problems within the government and from foreign countries that threatened to tear his administration, and the country, apart. What were those problems?
5. The Second Great Awakening, unlike the First Great Awakening, possessed two distinct phases. What were those two phases and what were their characteristics and impact?
6. The Supreme Court, under the direction of Chief Justice John Marshall, was instrumental in shaping the role of the judicial system in the political processes of the United States. Cite three (3) decisive Supreme Court cases during his tenure that illustrate this. Name and thoroughly describe each case, and explain the impact of the court’s ruling.

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