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Three physical conditioning programs and changes produced between a pre- and post-assessment, separated by 4 weeks

PED 598 Title Assignment – Fall 2021

Dr. Terry Conkle


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Directions: Analyze ANY FOUR (4) of the following hypothetical article titles using the questions for critiquing research articles. Re-word so that each is a more appropriate title. All responses (critiques and re-wording) should be computer-generated and submitted. Consider length, redundancy, and unnecessary words, and most appropriate or correct wording when determining informative titles. The assignment is worth 100 points (25 points per item). Type critiques and titles (in blue, pre-set for you) below those in black text. Use the APA Manual as needed to help create good titles. This is all size 10, TNR, with .7 margins all around – you may leave it all this way.


An analysis of home and away game performance of male basketball teams somewhere in America, with high school 10th graders, 11th graders, and 12th graders on varsity.




Three physical conditioning programs and changes produced between a pre- and post-assessment, separated by 4 weeks, with Age 4 to Age 11 female and male soccer players in the state of North Dakota.




The Influence of Beetroot Juice Supplementation on Dynamic Apnea and Intermittent Sprint Performance in Elite Female Water Polo Players.




A survey of athletic and gymnastic costumes (or uniforms) used by American girls and women at the junior high school, senior high school, and college levels compared to those of Olympic female gymnasts.




Experimental analysis of running gait differences between trained and untrained runners in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.




A quantitative study on the effect of various ball delivery techniques and aiming techniques on bowling achievement of female college students.




Relationship between stride length, stride frequency, flight time, maximum distance between the feet, foot size, and leg length during running and slow, medium, and fast speeds.




Physiological effects of cold-pack application for 5-, 10-, 15-, and 20-minute time-periods on muscle soreness of male soccer players in Arizona: A study of all subjects with each treatment for 35 consecutive days each for a total of 140 days in the study.




Correlation Of Maximum Grip Strength And Grip Strength Endurance Among 12-Year-Old Female And Male Students In Canada.




A comparison of time to second-base by college players, after machine-pitched ball-contact, starting their loops at three different points along the 1st-base line: 15-feet, 30-feet, and 45-feet.

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