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What are the major characteristics of epics?

1) What are the major characteristics of epics?
2) How does Xenia serve to structure the “Odyssey” as a literary work?
3) What is Helen like in the Odyssey?
4) What did you learn about Chinese poetry – social and cultural significance, major themes, and so on?
5) How does St. Augustine view literature (drama)? How does he differ from Aristotle’s view of the role of literature in our lives?
6) How does Augustine’s conversion come about?
7) How does the hero Aeneas differ from Odysseus?
8) Describe Aristophanes’ famous account of love in “The Symposium” and how it fits in with Plato’s overall scheme.
9) How are the classical authors of antiquity depicted in Dante’s Inferno?
10) How is Laertes a foil to Hamlet?
11) Describe Hamlet’s major soliloquies – how they express the process of thinking or thought at work (rather than just static ideas) and how they relate to the events that come before and after.
12) How does the Tennant version of Hamlet depict the differences between how Claudius treats Laertes and Hamlet, on their first encounter? What would you say about Polonius? Gertrude?   OR, how does the Tennant film handle the closet scene?
13) In what ways does the voice of the narrator in Quixote differ from that of the previous writers that we have studied (excluding drama).
14) Know the general outline and maybe some specific incidents from Quixote.
15) What is the meaning of Machiavellian, and how did Machiavelli come to be so known in the public imagination?

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