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What is Integrity?

PART I: What is Integrity?

1. What era is the setting for the story opening this video?
2. Why was the lad telling everyone, “I cannot!”
3. How did Joseph B. Wirthlin define integrity?
4. How did C.S. Lewis define integrity?
5. Integrity is from what Latin word?
6. What is a person with “Dual Morality?”
7. Why should a leader have integrity? Give a couple of reasons.
8. How does integrity and trust work together?
9. How can we develop integrity?

The President Addresses Climate Change at COP21
1. Who is this President?
2. Where is the meeting held?
3. How many nations are present at this meeting?
4. Why is the President at this meeting?
5. What has the United States started doing to address climate change?
6. What is the name of this agreement to be signed by the nations present at this meeting?

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President Obama Full speech on Paris Climate agreement.
1. What is the Paris Climate Agreement (PCA)?
2. What large country has recently joined the PCA?
3. What changes has the United States instituted to help reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions?

President Obama in the Artic: Ground Zero of Climate Change.
1. Where is President Obama visiting to address the reality of Climate Change?
2. Why is this trip important and being documented?
3. What recent indicators affecting the following U.S. states are driven by Climate Change?
a. Florida
b. California
c. Washington
4. Why should we take climate change seriously?

How hot will it get? UC Berkley Scientist Panel

Presenter: Bill Collins
1. What is the “Angry Summer” of 2012/2013?
2. Relate Emissions with Carbon dioxide (CO2)?
3. What has the invention of Car Engines done to Planet Earth?
4. What does “no policy” and “policy” mean? How do they relate to Climate Change?
5. Why is the ability to convince people to change a problem?

Presenter: Margaret Torn (Soil Scientist)

6. How can permafrost be physically measured by scientist?
7. What happens when permafrost thaws?
8. What are “drunken trees”?
9. How does the permafrost feed to climate change?
10. What did the metagenome project show as a result of permafrost?

Michael Wehner
11. What are examples of extreme weather?
12. What is the “Pineapple express” phenomena?
13. Where does 25% of CO2 go into the atmosphere?
14. How did Hurricane Katrina affect forestation in Lower Louisiana?
15. How will extreme weather affect the Amazon?
16. Name 4 incidents caused by climate change.

Maximilian Auffhammer (Economist)
17. What does the “Carbon Mountain” show?
18. Name the three areas impacted by Climate change and give an example.
19. How does weather affect Electricity cost and demand?
20. What is the global problem with climate change?
21. What is the G20?

PART IV: Why we are heading for a climate catastrophe – BBC News.
1. How high will the “no action” Global carbon emissions increase by the year 2100?
2. What are some changes that countries should do?
3. What is the problem with the US and Climate Change?
4. Do you believe climate change is supported by scientific or political drive?

PART V : Research Integrity Case Study: “You Suspect Research Misconduct – Now What?”

1. What did the Graduate Student (GS) discover wrong with the article figures?
2. Who were the two people with access to the manuscript after the GS?
3. Why (GS opinion) did the PI or Post-Doc alter the manuscript?
4. What should the GS do in this situation?
5. What are some possible outcomes for keeping quiet?
6. What are the fallouts if someone else discovers the misconduct on the manuscript?
7. What would you do?

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