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WHAT is the message? First, we will simply look at the example’s message. You will research your text’s SOAPS: speaker, occasion, audience, purpose, and subject.

Question 1: WHAT is the message?
First, we will simply look at the example’s message. You will research your text’s SOAPS: speaker, occasion, audience, purpose, and subject.

• Speaker: Who made this text? What can you find Logistics out about the company, their history, their past ad campaigns, who they are, what they value, etc.?
• Occasion: What is the historical context around this text? When was it made? When and where was it distributed? What was its creation in response to?
• Audience: Who is the text’s intended audience? Who might be the (either intended or unintended) secondary or tertiary audiences?
• Purpose: Why was this text made? Is the audience supposed to buy something? Show loyalty to something? Start doing something? Stop doing something? Change how they do something? What’s the overall goal of the text?
• Subject: what is actually happening in the text? In other words, summarize it. What’s the action of the commercial? What’s the visual in the ad?

Question 2: HOW is that message communicated?
• The final draft you hand in to me should be your fourth draft. (the first you will peer workshop, the second you will conference with me about, the third you will work on grammar and editing, the brilliant fourth one you will hand in)
• How have the appeals (ethos, pathos, and logos) been used to create this message and persuade the audience of the author’s purpose?
• How do voice, tone, and word choice help the authors make their point more persuasive?
• How do visual rhetoric techniques (like color, layout, spacing, font, logo, scenery, actors,
etc.) convey the text’s argument?
• How do multimedia elements (like audio, aural voice, music, motion, etc.) help strengthen the argument?
• What logical fallacies are present in the message, and how does the message use ideology and hegemony to reinforce cultural “norms”?

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Question 3: WHY does this matter?
Third, we will explore the implications of a text like this. In short, what does any of this matter? This will be where you connect to all we have talked about in terms of hegemony and ideology, and where you will use a chapter from your textbook to strengthen your argument.

• What hegemonic messages is this ad sending or implying? Find evidence of this from the text?
• How might those kinds of messages influence or affect an audience member (or a secondary or tertiary audience member) and his/her behavior in the world or with other around him/her?
• What does this message say about our culture, its ethics, moral, beliefs, priorities, etc.?
• Now that you have broken down the “text” of your example, what is the “subtext?”

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