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What is the subject or purpose of the website?

Your assignment is evaluate a website or blog that attempt to educate, explain, or interpret history. These can be two sites that cover the same topic or general subject area (for example, two sites or blogs on medical history, two on women’s history, two on military history or World War II, etc.), or they may be on two completely different topics. The key factor is that they position themselves as making history accessible to the public, or offer their own interpretation of events.
Write a 2-3 page analysis of the website that addresses the following:
1. What is the subject or purpose of the website?
2. Who authored or edits/maintains each site? Are they a professional historian? A student? Just an interested party? Try to find out as much about their background as you can
3. WHY was each website created? What is its purpose? Does the author have any biases? Is s/he trying to sell the visitor on a specific perspective on an event or on history in general?
4. How well does the site author document their material? Are there footnotes for the material (as on a well-edited Wikipedia page)? Are there links embedded in the text that will direct you to original sources or sites with more information on the topic? Does the site provide links to other relevant sites?
In short, is the site aware of the larger conversation going on about their particular topic?
5. Evaluate the overall aesthetic of the page. How is the content organized? Is it easy to read and follow the information presented? Is it too busy? Are there broken links or content that requires special media players that are non-standard? Is there something about the font format or color that makes it easy or difficult to read?
6. How does the website compare to the coverage of the historical event or character within the course? Is there important context missing from the website’s coverage? Does either website leave out an important aspect you learned about in History 104? Or does it bring to light something we didn’t cover?

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