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You want to better understand the impact of the stress, workload, staffing, and quality care problems on your unit. How will you accomplish this?

For each of the five questions at the end of the case study: Discuss what leadership principles, theory or another source (s) support your answer. The paper should be a logical coherent integrated discussion which addresses the case questions throughout (without the need to have sub-heading for each question) Be sure to use citations both from the text and other scholarly citations to support your statements. Page length: 6 total pages (title page, 4 pages of text and a reference page). APA format should be used and citations and references are required. There should be no errors in spelling or grammar. Use at least FIVE Scholarly References. NOTE: This paper will automatically be run through SafeAssign, a Blackboard feature that checks for plagiarism. You will be able to see the results of the check

Case Study 1

In the unit’s monthly staff meeting, staff stress from the current pandemic is brought up as a growing problem. The staff complain that they are overworked, exhausted and there is not enough staff. They are also tired of orienting new staff, and temporary staff members are not effective. Two nurses mention that they have personally experienced more near misses when administering medications. The unit seems to also be experiencing a lack of teamwork and increase hostility among the staff. The nurse manger tells the staff that they recognize from the discussion that there is a lot of tension and this is a concern. As the nurse manager you leave the meeting and are in your office to consider how to response to the unit and the problems.

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1. You want to better understand the impact of the stress, workload, staffing, and quality care problems on your unit. How will you accomplish this?

2. You plan to arrange a staff meeting to increase staff knowledge of stress and stress responses. What should the presentation include?

3. How will you engage the staff in the process to improve stress management?

4. What leadership style should you exhibit and why?

5. What strategies might you use to decrease stress and improve patient care? Be specific.

Retrieved & modified from Finkelman, A. (2022) Quality Improvement: A Guide for Integration in Nursing (2nd edition). Jones & Bartlett Learning. ISBN 9781284225051

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